Our Purpose

Hello, my name is Daniel Wright, and I always had a dream of impacting the world but never knew how. Starting a foundation or non-profit organization has been a goal of mine since high school, but I never knew where to start. Growing up, I would always volunteer at special needs sports camps and still do to this day. Every time I get a smile from our special buddies, it always warms my heart. My cousin is autistic, and I would see what his brother, my best friend, aunt, and uncle would go through. I've been blessed with a fortunate, privileged life, and I felt that I needed to help make their lives easier some way some how. So, on February 1st, 2023, my buddy said, "Let's run a half marathon for the organization you have been working on," and I have not looked back since. The plan is to run and host events 2-4 times a year and eventually turn this into a free sports camps for autistic and down syndrome kids. All the money raised will go to special education schools and families in struggling financial situations with autistic and down syndrome children.

The Team

Breaking Barriers, Building Futures team consists of Daniel Wright, Kai Hansen, and Anthony Rocco. We are all college students at Seton Hall University with a vision of helping the community around us. Throughout high school and college, we have all been a part of helping and volunteering at special needs sports camps, clubs, Best Buddies, and special education schools. Our goal as a team is to host events to raise money for families who need funding to send their kids to special education schools, as well as donate money to those schools to buy supplies, buses, or whatever else they need. Hopefully, this will eventually lead to weekly or biweekly camps that are free for kids with autism and down syndrome to play sports or just hang out with others for a few hours.

Daniel Wright


Kai Hansen


Anthony Rocco